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Martial Arts on the Isle of Wight with Master John Byrne 6th Dan

Master John Byrne 6th Dan

Master John Byrne is the founder and Chief Instructor of "The Chushin-Do Federation UK"
John has been teaching on the Isle of Wight Uk for over 35 years.

Master John embarked on his keen interest in the Martial Arts in the 1970's starting his training in Ishinryu Karate with Ticky Donavan (now OBE). He then moved to train in Wing Chun. Wanting to learn more about the Martial Arts he moved on and concentrated his energy and effort in Shotokan Karate, which he has practiced for may years. Having successfully taught Shotokan Karate on the Isle of Wight since 1988, and feeling the strong need to share his wealth of knowledge and experience, John decided to form his own Martial Arts club Which has gone from strength to strength. Master John has always been a positive instructor and with may years of study has always changed his system to make sure it is current and realistic in everything that he teaches. .

It was in 1995 that the art of Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Points) was incorporated into the clubs syllabus. This proved to be a positive step for Master John as the club has flourished and grown over the years establishing with it an extremely good reputation on the Isle of Wight mainly through word of mouth.

After years of study and change the Chushin-do Federation UK has grown in the arts that it teaches and all that it practices. Students are now training in Close Quarter Systems, Including Panantukan and Pressure Points. Master John now teaches a realistic Martial Art and teaches the priciples that are hidden within the Martial Arts to give a unique and real self defence. This has paved the way to better the Pressure Points with in the art.

Master John is the auther of Pressure Point instructional DVD's that are selling world wide to over 30 countries. Master John is also teaching Pressure Point seminars to clubs across the UK, Europe and to all wishing to learn this fantastic art can contact him from this site.

Master John will never stop in his continued quest to improve his knowledge and it is this dedication which will secure the Chushin-Do Federation UK clubs future existence and growth for a great many more years.

Alway Train Safe

Pressure Point Healing

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