Master John Byrne 6th Dan welcomes you to his pressure point website. The REALISTIC approach to using Pressure Points.

Kyusho-Jitsu translates into 'One Second Fighting' and this website is designed to explain about the structures and locations of Pressure Points.


Kyusho-Jitsu fits into any Martial Art style, you DO NOT have to change your system to be able to use it. Kysusho-Jitsu will add a new meaning to your Training.


The art of Kyusho-Jitsu (Pressure Points) is a way of attacking the nervous-system to control an attacker or subdue an attacker to maintain your advantage and stay in control. The nervous-system is attacked in a certain way and the angle and direction are of up-most importance. This is not a quick fix system, You have to study and train. Its not enough just to know pressure points as you need the skill of movement to be able to hit a moving target. Your martial arts system will give you the movement required. This is an ongoing study and we are all still learning after many years of study and teaching. If you think you know it then give up as you will never go forward. The path is long and rewarding so never stop walking.


DO NOT use any of the information within this site just to see what happens! Kyusho-Jitsu requires study and professional training to enable you to use it correctly. If not used correctly the techniques will not work and can be dangerous.


Always train safe
Master John